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Leave your everyday life behind you and feel the power of rhythm in beautiful surroundings!

The Drummers Camp Sardinia takes place in the southwest of Sardinia, in the province of Carbonia-Iglesias. The first edition took place in 2012, and ever since, the Drummers Camp Sardinia has become a highly regarded event. The Drummers Camp Sardinia is aimed at anyone interested in rhythm – regardless of age or at which level he or she plays. The main goal is to inspire the participants about drums and percussion. We don’t want any gaps between professionals and beginners, young or old, female or male. We are one big family with the same interests. The participants shall learn new skills or further develop things they have learned.

Eveline Mayer & Tom Beck



Who is this camp for?

If you are fascinated by drums and percussion and would like to participate in a one-week series of exciting and inspiring workshops (4 to 5 hours per day) led by the best teachers around, also combined with a holiday in one of the most beautiful places in Europe, then the Drummers Camp Sardinia is certainly your first choice. Thanks to our unique concept, it doesn’t matter what abilities you have playing the instruments. Beginners and advanced students all benefit equally! Inspiration, motivation and fun are always paramount.

Für wen?


The demands placed on our teaching staff at the Drummers Camp Sardinia are very high due to the fact that professionals and beginners get together. We only collaborate with top artists who understand our philosophy! Our main goal is to inspire and motivate. The participants are the protagonists!

Teachers since 2012:

 Peter Haas | Stefan Rigert | Eveline Mayer | Tom Beck | Claus Hessler | Stephan Maass | Florian Alexandru-Zorn | Christian Einheller | Peter Szendöfi | Alex Vesper | Raphael Saini 

Tom Beck

Drums "All about Drums"

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Peter Hass

Drums "Second Line Drumming"

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Prof. José J. Cortijo

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Eveline Mayer

Ergonomics & Fitness  


After a hearty breakfast, workshops on drums, percussion, ergonomics and fitness begin. These usually last from 9:45 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. (including breaks) and are held in two groups at the same time. The number of participants is limited to 25 and ensures that everyone can actively play their own instrument.


Note: People who don't play drums can now only visit the percussion part. No previous knowledge is required for this.



The unique and exclusive accommodation for the participants is located where the sky, the mountains and the ocean go hand in hand. The unbelievable view of the ocean never fails to leave almost every participant speechless upon arrival. In order to meet practically every conceivable need, we offer different room categories. We make everything possible!



SCHLAGZEUG: Tom Beck & Peter Haas To be able to play the drumset better - no matter at which level - starts among other things with reflecting on movement sequences, technical details and questioning things that you have just "always" done in a certain way. The following contents will play a role in this year's camp. - Second Line Drumming* - Sound playing technique of hands and feet - Application in a musical context (with playalongs and loops) - Improving rhythmic security on the instrument: Timing/Mikrotime (exercises with click) - Expanding the musical and stylistic spectrum - Tuning the drums - Inear Monitoring - Stage and studio technique - Hybrid Drumming Second Line Drumming: New Orleans is the birthplace of the drum set and Second Line Drumming The combination of tradition and modernity in drumming. Second Line Drumming combines marching drum rudiments with clave rhythms, funk and jazz grooves.

DRUMS: Tom Beck Turning your passion into a career is a privilege and passing on knowledge is the logical consequence! Workshops: • Coming soon

PERCUSSION: Prof. Jose J. Cortijo Percussion is an art form that appeals to the senses, arouses emotions and brings people together. My philosophy is based on three fundamental principles. Expression: for me, this is the core of percussion. Every beat, every note and every rhythm pattern should tell a story and evoke feelings. Technique: is another important aspect. To effectively communicate a message, a solid technical foundation is essential. Innovation is the third cornerstone. The world of percussion is constantly evolving and it is important to explore new sounds, techniques and styles. Experimentation and the use of different instruments and playing techniques will open up new creative musical possibilities. Workshops: - Coming soon

ERGONOMICS: Eveline Mayer The qualified movement teacher and back trainer charmingly keeps the participants on their toes for a week. This includes the morning “warm up” by the pool, as well as the workshops on ergonomics. Body tension and posture have a positive effect on expression and performance when playing instruments.



After the intense workshops, we then take the protagonists to one of the most beautiful beaches on the island where you can swim, surf, go stand-up paddling or even just relax at the beach lounge while listening to some great music and sipping a cool drink.



The Drummers Camp Sardinia is solely financed by the participation fees. In order to remain independent, we prefer to operate without sponsorship money. Upon request, the participation fees can be paid in three instalments. You get a lot for your money at the Drummers Camp Sardinia! From CHF 950.- up.


Request information and price list



The 11th edition of the Drummer's Camp Sardinia takes place from 30.9. - 7.10.2023 instead of.You can request information, registration form and price list by filling out and sending the form on the right. You will then receive all the information from us, including the registration form and price list. You can then register using the registration form by filling it out and sending it to our address, or scanning/photographing it and sending it by e-mail.



The Drummer's Camp Sardinia would not be possible without the support of our partners.

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